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Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine

Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine was established by Mrs Luckananaj Markawat in 2004. The restaurant has gained widespread acclaim among loyal and new customers. Naj offers THE BEST OF THAI reflecting the beautiful art of Thai culinary and culture. The restaurant is housed in the beautiful hundred-year old colonial style historical home right in the heart of Convent Street, Silom. Dinning at Naj, it is not just a meal… It is an experience... It is the real showcase of EXQUISITE THAI CUISINE. Customers will be enthralled with various traditional/ long lost recipes in the old days and uniquely creative Thai dishes, prepared by heart with highest quality ingredients from all regions of Thailand and sustainability practices to ensure the superlative dinning experience.

The Touch of Thai Cuisine
The Pride of Thai Culture
The Magnificent Splendor of Thai Art